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The Royal Proclamation Act of 1763 Essay Example

The Royal Proclamation Act of 1763 Paper In the consequence of the French and Indian War, Britain required another supreme structure, however the circumstance in America was definitely not good to change. Since a long time ago acquainted with a huge proportion of autonomy, the provinces were requesting more, not less, opportunity, especially since the French hazard had been killed. To place another framework into impact, and to fix control, Parliament needed to fight with pilgrims prepared in self-government and restless with obstruction. One of the thefirst things that British endeavored was the association of the inside. The success of Canada and of the Ohio Valley required arrangements that would not estrange the French and Indian occupants. In any case, here the Crown clashed with the interests of the states. Quick expanding in populace, and requiring more land for settlement, different provinces asserted the option to broaden their limits as far west as the Mississippi River. The British government, expecting that pilgrims relocating into the new terrains would incite a progression of Indian wars, accepted that the grounds ought to be opened to pioneers on an increasingly continuous premise. Confining development was additionally a method of guaranteeing illustrious command over existing settlements previously permitting the arrangement of new ones. We will compose a custom article test on The Royal Proclamation Act of 1763 explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom exposition test on The Royal Proclamation Act of 1763 explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom exposition test on The Royal Proclamation Act of 1763 explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer The Royal Proclamation of 1763 held all the western region between the Alleghenies, Florida, the Mississippi River and Quebec for use by Native Americans. Along these lines the Crown endeavored to clear away every western land guarantee of the 13 settlements and to stop westbound development. Despite the fact that never viably implemented, this measure, according to the homesteaders, comprised an oppressive dismissal of their most basic option to involve and settle western terrains. Increasingly genuine in its repercussions was the new monetary approach of the British government, which required more cash to help its developing realm. Except if the citizen in England was to gracefully all cash for the colonies’ safeguard, incomes would need to be.

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Walt Disney Case study free essay sample

Walt Disney’s corporate methodology is to keep on developing universally and to keep on developing in their media systems, stops and resorts, studio diversion, shopper items, and intelligent media. 2) I figure the parks and resorts will just get increasingly appealing with each new park they open. The media systems will remain alluring as a result of what number of systems they have and what number of individuals watch appears on their systems. Studio diversion will most likely be in appealing and ugly. Ugly on the grounds that heading out to see a film is getting increasingly more costly at the cost brevity purchaser and alluring in light of the fact that they will inevitably lease the film to see it. I figure buyer items will in general be appealing in light of the fact that everybody who visits a recreation center is going to need a keepsake or some likeness thereof. I think the intelligent media will be ugly except if they can make sense of an approach to get more deals and develop their items. We will compose a custom article test on Walt Disney Case study or then again any comparable point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page 3) I feel that Walt Disney has extraordinary serious quality. For one, there is nothing else out there like them with such solid brand dependability. Nearly everybody knows who Mickey Mouse is and ties that with Disneyland and everything else they are related with. The main specialty unit that appears to require fixing is their intelligent media. All together for the intuitive media to have a serious spot in the market they have to stay aware of the regular computer game industry. 4) For the parks and resorts the 9-cell framework is that it is alluring in light of the fact that there is nothing else like their parks and it’s got extraordinary serious quality. Media organizes likewise have a high engaging quality level due to the entirety of the systems they own like ESPN and Disney station itself. It additionally has a high serious level on account of what number of systems they own. Intelligent media is semi low engaging quality since they have gotten misfortunes consistently and can’t appear to stay aware of the occasional computer games. Its business quality is likewise semi low in light of the fact that there is more they can do or attempt to do to increase an upper hand. As per the article studio entrainment doesn’t have a high appeal level until it arrives at DVD structure. It additionally has gentle business quality since individuals aren’t ready to go see it in theaters and are rather hanging tight for it on DVD or on-request. I would state the customer engaging quality is in the center since they were the biggest licensor of character-based product on the planet. I would likewise say they have medium business quality since they are getting more cash off authorizing and distributing then retail deals. 5) I believe that Walt Disney’s portfolio shows great vital fit. I think it’s a solid match since they are continually constructing an upper hand and overwhelm rivals. I can see open doors for brand sharing since they as of now are sharing. For instance they own solitary 42. 1 percent of AE and Lifetime. They are additionally exceptionally marked by their characters that everybody knows and the characters have had the option to acquire income since the time being presented. 6) Walt Disney’s incomes have kept on going up from year to year. Likewise with the income overall gain and profit per share have kept on going up too. The intuitive media unit is the main unit that gets a working misfortune. Working pay from the media systems is the most noteworthy of all, which adds to great salary coming in. The second most elevated working salary is stops and resorts with shopper items next, at that point studio diversion. In view of the 2011 information Disney needs to take a shot at the intuitive media unit to assist them with recuperating from their misfortunes. 7) I think they have to concoct a superior methodology for their intelligent media unit. They have caused working misfortunes for financial year 2009 through 2011. I think they have to stay aware of customer requests on what kinds of games they are keen on and make games for comforts that a great many people nowadays have like playstation and xbox in the event that they don’t as of now. They may likewise consider looking for help from major game producers.

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Helicopter Pilot, Coast Guard Officer, Haas MBA

Military and older student attending the UC Berkeley Haas Full-time MBA program. Let’s hear his story. document.createElement('audio'); Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | Spotify Our guest today, David Middleton, graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from the US Coast Guard Academy in 2003, when many of his classmates were in middle school. He served in different capacities in the Coast Guard, most recently as Operations Officer and Chief Pilot, responsible for over 100 aviation personnel and the management of 6 helicopters protecting 585 miles of coastline. And he’s a FT student at Haas about to begin the second year of his MBA program. David, welcome to Admission Straight Talk! Can you give us some background? How did you come to join the Coast Guard? [1:35] I grew up in San Diego. I used to tell people I didn’t want to leave San Diego, and I didn’t want to join the military. During a weeklong orientation at the Coast Guard Academy, I realized what a great opportunity it was. Leaving San Diego for CT was a big change†¦ But I decided if I could pursue aviation I would do that. When I learned how small the Coast Guard is and what their mission is, I was really excited. What motivated you to get an MBA? [3:30] It was pretty work-driven. I’ve been an operator for a long time. I’ve been flying helicopters, and I’d been on a ship as an engineer for a while. I don’t know if most folks really understand the military – I describe it as an up-or-out system. You’re really looking to the next rank to take on greater responsibilities. I saw education as the way to be promotable. And looking beyond the Coast Guard, I saw the MBA as preparation for whenever I did transition out. You’ve been a helicopter pilot and chief pilot – so you’ve already done a lot in a managerial role, correct? [4:35] Yes. In LA I did public affairs. When I was stationed in Alaska, I did a lot of aviation safety, which was good. And when I found myself in San Francisco, I was the instructor pilot – I took on a lot of leadership when my boss (the chief pilot) left unexpectedly. What did you find most difficult about the b-school application process?  [5:50] Because I was in the job I was in at the time – everything. For context, I was on the last year of my assignment. I put in for a program that the Coast Guard has to send you to grad school. I felt rushed because I didn’t get my approval until October – too late for Round 1 deadlines. When you interviewed, what was the most memorable or difficult question you were asked?  [7:35] A memorable question was â€Å"Have you ever had to make a difficult decision?† Because of my work experience, it was a good question for me. I could tell a story about a rescue I’d done. In my job you’re making life and death decisions. You’re at Haas now. What are the best aspects of the program for you? [9:45] What stood out to me when I was applying – and now I’m living it – is the culture and diversity. People read about it, but it’s palpable. The culture aspect – people are nice. I was used to a tightknit culture in the military and I wasn’t sure if I’d find that, but I really have. What could be improved? [11:05] The thing that stands out: it was challenging space-wise to do group projects. I’m excited to start class this week because the new building is opening. You mentioned the tight-knit collaborative culture in both the Coast Guard and Haas. What are some differences? [12:00] For me, it’s the first time being a civilian again. Even though I’m still active duty, I’m not in uniform. In the Coast Guard it’s very structured – you refer to people by rank. At Haas, it’s more independent. You’re older than the average Haas MBA student. Was it hard to be a student again?  [13:00] The average age is about 28, and I came in at 35. It was a little challenging to be a student. I’d initially thought that since I did well in undergrad I would be able to handle it. I was commuting in because my wife works a couple of hours away – and I found I got behind pretty quickly. The material was tough and the pace was fast. Was there anything else that surprised you about Haas?  [14:35] I always knew I’d be surrounded by great folks. But people are really unassuming, even people who’ve started their own companies or graduated at the top of their class from Ivy League schools. I’m more and more impressed. Has the program changed your approach to leadership?  [15:40] The leadership component is a constant work in motion. In the military, you get a lot of leadership and responsibility right away. Now with the academic angle I find myself reflecting on those experiences. In my Leading People class, we were talking about performance evaluations. In my last role, I did a lot of them, and I thought back about how I’d done them. What are your plans for after graduation?  [18:00] When I applied to school it was a sponsored program through the Coast Guard – so I’ll return to the Coast Guard. At some point I’ll probably transition into a civilian role. What will you miss about Haas?  [19:30] The people – but I hope I’ll continue to build on those friendships. I’ll also miss being a student and having the time to dig into books and articles. Do you have any tips for MBA applicants, especially those coming from the military?  [20:20] I probably should have started a year out. If you reach out to the veterans club or active duty club at the program, they’re very helpful. Have you experienced any special challenges coming from the military?  [21:25] The first thing is just being a student again. From the military side, being a civilian is different: in the military, the chain of command is so structured. What’s your favorite class? [22:40] I enjoyed my core classes. And I really enjoyed my real estate elective. We worked on a great project locally where we designed affordable housing for teachers. It was a really fun problem solving project. I enjoyed the design thinking aspect of it – where you don’t know the answer. Any favorite professors? [29:42] I really liked my accounting professor and my real estate professor. I’ve been blown away by their background and knowledge – and their willingness to meet with you. Related Links: †¢ David Middleton on LinkedIn †¢Ã‚  UC Berkeley Haas MBA Essay Tips Deadlines †¢ Up Close and Personal with Berkeley Haas at the 2017 AIGAC Conference †¢ A Veteran’s Transition to Tuck, an interview †¢ Leadership in Admissions, a free guide Related Shows: †¢ Exploring the Haas MBA: An Interview with Peter Johnson †¢ Haas, McCombs, and Case Interviews †¢ An NYU Stern Grad and Strat Consultant Helping Vets Get Into School †¢ Breaking Some HBS Stereotypes: An Interview with Ben Faw Subscribe:

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The Student Fear Factor, By Rebecca Cox - 813 Words

Students Afraid Of College In the essay, â€Å"The Student Fear Factor’’, Rebecca Cox , I will be writing about on how one of the students that relates to me on her personal life experiences. Some college students find strategies to manage their fear on their first year of college because they feel nervous about on how are they going to do at college. College students feel sometimes they have concerns about not reaching their goals in life , not passing their courses, or afraid of life. The student that relate to me was Melanie because she recent graduate from high school and she enrolled in college. Melanie was a college student that attended at Lake shore community college. Melanie and I have similar situations that she went†¦show more content†¦College students that are attending first year of college have fear because they feel so scared that everything is going to be different from high school. Melanie states that â€Å"were not the only one to view the first semester of college as scary, unfamiliar, or life- changing. She clarifies that she felt scary because its was her first year of college and hasn’t been familiar with the campus, professors and also life-changing is going to be different from she was use to in her life. Many students that attend college for the first time are always anxiety about how well they are going to be at college and that also going to be independent in their life since they graduated from high school. Many problems are going to go through their life as a college student but they should find ways to solve their situations even though if they scared to confront them in life. Melanie and I have a common on we both had similar situation in life. Melanie story life was that she had many difficult situations that she went through in high school and as a college student. Melanie states that â€Å"college isn’t so much an academic life , but it’s also a very social and emotional part of who you are , too.† She explains that college isnt about only education but also is socializing with others and knowing yourself. College students also have the rights to socialize with people andShow MoreRelatedOur Education System Is Due For A Huge Improvement1623 Words   |  7 Pagescenturies. Rebecca Cox argues that its largest problem is intimidating instructors. Dewey argues the problem is useless information being thrown at students without encouraging critical thinking. Freire shares a similar argument, but also discusses the oppression tied to this teaching method. Hsà ¼n says there’s multiple phases in learning. Until you reach the lower phases, you won’t be able to learn efficiently. All are effective arguments worth looking at critically. Rebecca Cox’s The College Fear FactorRead MoreAltering The Mind Of A Student s Success1506 Words   |  7 Pagescollege student are being called off one by one. As each name is being announced, the students walk up on stage and are handed their well earned diplomas. One can only imagine the accomplishment the students feel as they had just received their associate, bachelor s, master s or doctoral degree. How many students actually get to experience this moment and what did it take them to get there? About 40% of working-aged Americans now hold a college degree. There seems to be a large amount of factors thatRead MoreI Have A Open Learning1179 Words   |  5 PagesEither way, on that day I learned the difference between â€Å"dose and does† and started my disliked English. Rebecca D. Cox author of The College Fear Factor, stated â€Å"The many students who seriously doubted their ability to succeed, however, were anxiously waiting for their shortcoming to be expose d, at which point they would be stopped from pursuing their goals† (25). In other words, we as students think that because we have failed once before we tend to stop reaching our goals. It was not until my adultRead MoreMy Reflection On My Educational Experience Essay1565 Words   |  7 Pagesmolded me into the type of student I am today. I am a student with a growth mindset and, an optimistic outlook on education and, the bright future ahead. I now understand the impact that a positive mindset can have on your future. I am definitely proud of the student I have become. I feel like my journey is unique, but is also very relatable. As early as I can remember, I always excelled in my classes. I felt like at the time I was without a doubt an above average student. I often recall my instructorRead MoreCareer Goals Hurt Academic Performance1515 Words   |  7 PagesOne major and frightening problem students face is not developing defined career goals. Students Who enter college right after graduating high school tend to have no idea of what exact career path that they want to pursue. A majority of these students struggle to figure out their career goals and end up taking a variety of different courses, most of which are unnecessary. Some of the classes they enroll in may not have any relevance to the major that the student eventually decides to pursue. WhenRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages76 Self-Assessment Library Am I Engaged? 78 Myth or Science? â€Å"Favorable Job Attitudes Make Organizations More Profitable† 83 Point/Counterpoint Employer–Employee Loyalty Is an Outdated Concept 87 Questions for Review 88 Experiential Exercise What Factors Are Most Important to Your Job Satisfaction? 89 Ethical Dilemma Bounty Hunters 89 Case Incident 1 Long Hours, Hundreds of E-Mails, and No Sleep: Does This Sound Like a Satisfying Job? 90 Case Incident 2 Crafting a Better Job 91 4 Emotions andRead MoreStrategic Human Resource Management View.Pdf Uploaded Successfully133347 Words   |  534 PagesMANAGEMENT Section One This section begins with consideration of factors relevant to strategy-based human resource investment decisions. Factors to be discussed include the organization’s managerial values, risk and return trade-offs, the economic rationale for investments in training, the investment analysis approach of utility theory, and outsourcing as an alternative to investments in human resources. Following the discussion of these factors, specific investments in strategy-related training and developmentRead MoreMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 Pageswould be so enduring? Many of you are past users, a few even for decades. I hope you will find this new edition a worthy successor to earlier editions. I think this may even be my best book. The new Google and Starbucks cases should arouse keen student interest, and may even inspire another generation of entrepreneurs. A fair number of the older cases have faced significant changes in the last few years, for better or for worse, and these we have captured to add to learning insights. After soRead MoreStrategic Marketing Management337596 Words   |  1351 Pagesfuture: the implications for marketing planning Approaches to environmental analysis and scanning Summary 5 Approaches to customer analysis 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.6 5.7 5.8 5.9 Learning objectives Introduction Coming to terms with buyer behaviour Factors influencing consumer behaviour The buying decision process The rise of the new consumer and the implications for marketing planning Organizational buying behaviour The growth of relationship marketing Summary Appendix: The drivers of consumer changeRead MoreManaging Information Technology (7th Edition)239873 Words   |  960 PagesIII-5 NIBCO’s â€Å"Big Bang†: An SAP Implementation CASE STUDY III-6 BAT Taiwan: Implementing SAP for a Strategic Transition CASE STUDY III-7 A Troubled Project at Modern Materials, Inc. CASE STUDY III-8 Purchasing and Implementing a Student Management System at Jefferson County School System CASE STUDY IV-1 The Clarion School for Boys, Inc.– Milwaukee Division: Making Information Systems Investments CASE STUDY IV-2 FastTrack IT Integration for the Sallie Mae Merger CASE

Crime and Punishment Rhetorical Analysis free essay sample

The use of the standard appeals of Pathos, Egos, and Logos within the text, and the inclusion of differentiation in tones and writing types that move rapidly force the reader to almost become attached to the main character, in such a way that the reader themselves delve into a state of insanity to follow the story to the final pages. In Crime and Punishment, Dostoevsky utilizes a Dialogic writing style to portray the story in a way that most readers are not accustomed to. A dialogical style uses inner dialogue, as if two people are speaking, not inner monologue where the person is the only speaker in the mind. This style of writing gives the reader the sense of the thinking that Raskilinakov is in, he is constantly fighting the urge to turn himself in, within his own thoughts, and he counteracts the thoughts of confession with self actualization that he was essentially correct for murdering the pawnbroker; in effort to suppress the suffering of the people of the neighborhood. We will write a custom essay sample on Crime and Punishment Rhetorical Analysis or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Dostoevsky attempts to appeal to the emotional side of thinking by utilizing subtle, yet deep symbols within the novel, for instance the symbol and concept of time. We are constantly being told what time is. From the point when Raskolnikov wakes up, moving to enact his plans to murder the pawnbroker, even the time that it is when Svidrigailov plans to kill himself. The inclusion of time pushes the story in a chronological order, much like a order is naturally followed in life, and a order is followed in the justice process for apprehension of criminals (Rask. ). In the introduction to chapter 6 we are given the text Sometimes he fancied he had been lying there a month; at other times it all seemed part of the same day. But of that – of that he had no recollection, and yet every minute he felt that he had forgotten something he ought to remember. The inclusion of so many phrases and words expressing time are not a simple random inclusion, but it was planned by the author. Dostoevsky uses the progression of days to months then back to days and hours to show that Raskilinakov no longer has a concept of time, he is aware of time passing but it is merely passing him, he is not utilizing the time. Another prevalent â€Å"idea† present in the novel is the story of the death and rebirth of Lazarus. As the novel moves toward the conclusion, Sonya gets Raskilinakov to accept that there is a higher being, and that he can redeem himself for his horrible crimes. Raskilinakov accepts Christianity and reads the story of Lazarus and his rebirth. Rask. begins to believe that he too can be â€Å"reborn† while in prison. He wants to go from the empty shell of a man with no life to a man with pride and a life. He allows Sonia into his life and is in a sense â€Å"reborn† a new man who knows he is no better than anyone else, and he knows that everyone is equal. Dostoevsky also utilizes a unique point of view in the story. One can argue that the story is told from a first person point of view, yet if that is true, how can we know the thoughts of the other characters? Are the thoughts merely the twisted hallucinations of Raskilinakov? Or did Dostoevsky purposely make the story first person and third person with shifts happening at key moments in the story? Dostoevsky also appeals to the logical and ethical appeals as well at the same time, the idea behind justification of the pawnbroker’s murder appeal in both senses. Dostoevsky sets this up in a careful manner; first he presents the pawnbroker in a almost evil sense by using Raskilakov’s thoughts to influence the reader. By using terms such as â€Å"pest† and â€Å"disease† when referring to the pawnbroker, we get a feeling that the woman is a threat to the well being of the people and needs to be dealt with. In conclusion, Dostoevsky uses many different methods of rhetorical, and literary appeals and devices to draw the reader into the story. The deeper meanings of nearly every passage in the novel beg readers to engage in deep reading, not the mere â€Å"reading for fun†.

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Personal Response to Wilfred Owen Essay Example

Personal Response to Wilfred Owen Essay An Idea of the scenery and surroundings Is extra given by Dim, through the misty panes and think green light this Is a use of visual Imagery to aid the reader in an understanding better of what is happening. The 3rd stanza begins to explain about this mans nightmares. He keeps on seeing a certain man, dying within the gas. The man is haunting him in his nightmares. In all my dreams, before my helpless sight, He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning. These two nines are on their own in the poem structure. This is because they symbolize thought, the poets personal feelings, it is unique to the poet in the way of how he reacts and how the experience affected him. This experience leaves the soldier to feel guilty because the man in his nightmares is there, plunging at him of help of some kind but he Is unable to do anything. The 4th stanza speaks out to the people whom may think that war Is glorious, those who believe In heroism and also speaks to the reader Like a friend. In directing to that particular audience he also presents further thoughts of is own. We will write a custom essay sample on Personal Response to Wilfred Owen specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Personal Response to Wilfred Owen specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Personal Response to Wilfred Owen specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer He is asking those who think war is glorious if they would still feel the same way if they had seen a man dying inevitably in a gas cloud. And if they were unable to do anything to help. The poet is asking that they do not carry on this belief, of war as a heroic thing, to children of younger generations. Do not make them feel too, that war is great and wonderful in any way. There is contrast here also with the imagery of the man dying in gas and yet others who feel this aspect is glorious. The imagery in Dulcet is stronger than that of Anthem, honorable to die for your country. The old lie: Dulcet et decorum est. Pro patria moor. . Both poems seem to give ideas of war In no way being honorable to fight for your country but rather sinful and many comparisons are made within the poems that would make the reader think of war being something similar to a hell or the likes. In both poems Onomatopoeia and alliteration are made of good use, Owen uses a lot of metaphors and similes to help explain comparisons, he seemed to make a lot of comparisons, a good technique to nave ten reader twinkling AT events Ana occurrences Tanat are unappealing In ten poems. The mood in the poems is very similar, it is basically a depressive, torturous mood, an impression of gloominess is left on the reader as it contradicts usual beliefs about war this shows the poem to be quite rebellious but in its own right. There is no real difference between the poem from the perspective of mood, Anthem tries to explain cruelty in death on the battle ground although this bitter mood calming toward the end and Dulcet that it is not honorable to die for your country, but with the strong use of contrast and imagery this is more so bitter and cruel throughout. The structure of Anthem for Doomed Youth follows a two line rhyming pattern and seems to follow a slow pace which helps in approaching its solemn mood. This also gives a sense of movement that can be followed in the mind of the reader. Dulcet Et Decorum Est is written in a moderate pace, it seems to unfold almost similar to a story as it takes you bit by bit through occurring events. There are lines that seem to end abruptly, stopping Just like that which gives a sense of urgency and following on in the second stanza this technique is used to show a sense of panic. Dulcet seems very thoughtful and the way it unfolds like a story is undoubtedly deliberate to in some way assist the solemn mood of the poem and final message that it is not beautiful to die for your country. The underlying differences between these two poems is Dulcet is much more descriptive, real and violent. There is a strong sense of anger and bitterness throughout Dulcet. One of Wilfred Owens poem is named Anthem for Doomed Youth. An anthem is a religious or patriotic song, something usually sung by a choir. This immediately suggests that the poem is serious, patriotic. The doomed youth mentioned in the title refers to the young generation of men and soldiers whom have signed up to war only to be giving their lives away. The poem focuses on the aspect of Youth dying so in vain. The poem puts forth a question of how the soldiers who are dying will be mourned? For their deaths on the battle field there is no proper funeral service of sorts. No bells to ring them off into heaven. What passing bells for these who die as cattle? There are a number of comments within the poem that would seem to relate o a mourning ritual or funeral ceremony of sorts being the harsh anger of guns and aggressive violence on the battle field. Owen makes good use of Onomatopoeia. Only the cluttering rifles rapid rattle It explains that as they die and pass from the earth all that there is to mourn them and say farewell is the continuing battle between men and use of weaponry. Only the monstrous anger of the guns. References from the poem, things like the guns, are replacing parts of an ordinary funeral service. The guns for example, replacing the bells that would sound at a normal funeral service, he prayers that would ordinarily be heard are replaced by rifles and the choir by wailing shells. The poem is quite bitter and sad through the first part, the sadness can be seen here and bugles calling for them from sad shires this is the last sad sound heard. It refers to the soldiers and the countries that each of them come from, to their regiment. As the poem continues it gives a lasting impression that war is, in fact, not heroic nor brave but rather a cruelty and of a sadistic nature. I think that What candles may be held to speed them all? Is asking in a way, Who or what will give prayer to their spirits after they have died so that they may find rest within nave?. I en poem overall makes war out to De a SSL Ana a Turned Tort all Tanat nave to endure it, it gives an impression of there being no heroes in war and no victory neither and focuses mainly on how they will find peace in their death on the battle ground. The Anthem however is more related to the aftermath of war, more abstract to a point of trailing on thoughts rather than reality, using evocative language. There is a to of poetical devices used to enhance these poems. Repetition, Gas, gas! similes, half-rhymes, fumbling and stumbling. assonance and alliteration. The way in which the language, imagery and contrasting is brought together with more simple phrases and language. The effect of using colloquialisms. quick boys! an ecstasy of fumbling A contrast between the reality of war and peoples real experiences In these two poems, Wilfred Owen describes his dislike for war because of the horrible things he had seen, the friends that he had lost, and the suffering he had went through. These are two of Wilfred Owens most famous poems because he talks about the tragedy that brings in war and he describes it, making these poems anti- war. The war that Wilfred Owen was in, affected his poetry because he met Swanson who helped and edited his poems and also the war was a big thing because his poems would be nothing without the war and the imagery he puts into the poems. The imagery he puts into the poems because he experienced it first hand, it draws the readers in, to show the gruesomeness of war. The poems that Wilfred Owen wrote were affect by war and his friend Swanson.